Other Features

DVR: Digital Video Recorder. A computer that records video to a hard disc drive. Most DVRs have enough storage to record footage for 2-3 weeks. DVRs come with 4, 8, 16, or 32 channels. Each channel allows for a camera hook-up.

Motion Detectors: Many camera systems available today have built in motion detectors that can serve several purposes:

  • Trigger recording: Saves space on your DVR, because you are only recording significant events.
  • Send email or SMS updates: Notifies you when an event is occurring on your property.
  • More for indoor: Outside, there is often too much normal motion to distinguish typical movement from a home invasion.

Infared (IR): Almost all cameras include built in infared LEDs that allow the camera to record in the dark. Each infared LED adds approximately 2 of illumination. This technology works best in conjunction with outside lights.

Powerlining: A system where video streams through normal electrical outlets (Logitech Model)