Good Habits

Your Home

  • Turn down the ringer on your phone when you are out: It is a clear sign that someone is away when the phone rings loudly multiple times and no one picks up.
  • Join or start an Oakland Neighborhood Watch Group: This is free and you have the opportunity to work with your community, know your neighbors and keep your house safe. Please visit this page for more information.
  • Put away ladders or tools: Don't leave ladders or any tools in your yard or porch that would help burglars get into your house.
  • Lock your windows: Get inexpensive locks for your windows and ensure you lock your windows every time you leave your house.
  • Update your home and/or property insurance: This is very important especially if you have expensive valuables at home. If something does happen, you want to make sure you get the money you deserve to replace everything. You should also keep a home inventory, with pictures of your belongings to help provde what you had to your insurer in the event of theft. Make sure to save your pictures online instead of your computer or external hard-drive in case someone steals your computer or external hard-drive.

Your Car

  • Park your car in the garage or behind a locked gate: As long as your gate or garage is securely locked, your car can be safe from theft or any other damage
  • Park in your driveway: Even if you don't have a garage or gate, pull in as far as you can so any motion lights on your driveway can detect any movement or so you can hear any noises related to your car. Also, you can park a second -- not as appealing -- car behind the "top 10" vehicle.
  • NEVER leave your car running unattended: Even if you are just dashing in for "just a moment" or "letting it warm up," don't leave your car unattended.
  • Get theft insurance: Before you buy a new car, go to the police station and ask which ones are the hottest cars for theft at the moment. Compare that with the list your insurance company has on cars most likely to be stolen. Not buying a car on the "hot wheels" list at the police station can save you lots and lots of money on insurance because a car's theft popularity definitely affects its insurance rate.

Your Motorcycle or Bicycle

  • Put it in your garage: The fastest and quietest way to steal a motorcycle or bike is to pull up in a truck, have one or a few guys jump out, pick it up and load it. It is better to put it inside a secured garage.
  • Chain your bike to something: Chain your motorcycle or bike to a cemented anchor, concrete reinforced pole, etc., to prevent it from being picked up and carried away. By snaking the cable through the wheel, frame, and around something, nobody is going to get it by simply taking off the front wheel.