Oakland Neighborhood Services

Community policing in Oakland is a geographically based crime prevention effort organized on three levels. At each levels, residents are encouraged to participate in programs and work with Police Department staff and others to identify problems, prioritize concerns, and develop solutions which are then implemented collectively:

Block level

Block level services in Oakland include Neighborhood WatchMerchant Watch, and National Night Out.

Residents and merchants learn crime prevention techniques and meet their neighbors so they can work together to solve minor, block-level problems such as abandoned vehicles, or a property blighted with trash and debris. The Block Captain's Manual is a great resource if you are interested in Neighborhood Watch or you can call Felicia Verdin at (510) 238-3128 or email: fverdin@oaklandnet.com to learn how to get involved or start a neighborhood watch group in your community.

Neighborhood level

Neighborhood level services are conducted through Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs).

Residents bring problems they cannot solve at the block level (e.g., drug dealing, abandoned property) to their NCPC so they can work with other residents as well as their neighborhood services coordinator and problem-solving officer to address such issues. To find out the time and location of your NCPC meeting, please visit here to learn more.

Citywide level

Citywide level services include the Bi-annual Community Summit, the Community Policing Advisory Board, and the Neighborhood Watch Steering Committee.

Working with other leaders on a citywide level, residents network, educate, and advocate for community policing issues that impact the City as a whole.