Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Phone Numbers


Call 911 - Emergency - from a landline for: Medical or emergency help, fire or explosions, violent crimes (assaults, robbery, gun shots), auto accidents involving injury, person with weapons, odor of gas, and other similar problems.

Call 510-777-3211 for Emergency from a Cell Phone: Cell calls to 911 end up at California Highway Patrol Dispatch in Vallejo.

Call 510-777-7777, the OPD Emergency Line, if 911 gives a busy signal: Phone call rings into OPD 911 Dispatch Center. AT&T assigns 911 lines based on population. A jurisdiction that has a higher incidence of calls may not have enough lines; thus, the busy signal when all circuits are being used at once.

Non-Emergency Phone Numbers

Call 510-444-3322 for the Fire Department Non-Emergency: Line rings into Fire Dispatch at Station One.

Call 510-777-3333 (non-emergency) for: Property crimes that occurred previously, drug activity/trafficking, auto accidents with no injury, abandoned vehicles, loud parties, and any incident not life-threatening.

Call 510-238-DRUG for: Reporting of illegal drug sales/purchases and regular spots for drug dealing. This is a hotline where you can leave an anonymous message.

Anonymous Crimestopper Hotline: 510-777-8572

Call 510-444-CITY (510-444-2489) at the Oaklanders Assistance Center: This is the first number you should call if need guidance or information about which City department to contact.