Get Informed

Take a look at these crime-mapping sites to get informed about crime occuring in your Oakland neighborhood:

  1. Oakland Crimespotting*: This is a private company not working through either the City of Oakland or OPB, but they use OPD data. You can search by beat. *This website currently appears to be experiencing errors - many crime reports are not appearing on the website. Crimespotting has been a very useful website, but we cannot depend on its accuracy at this time.
  2. CrimeWatch: This website was created and is managed and updated by the City of Oakland IT Department, so all inquiries or comments should go to them. You can search by beat, cirme, neighborhood, and other critera.
  3. Crime Reports: This is a private vendor working with the City of Oakland to display crime stats. You can search by crime, area, or beat.
  4. Crime Analysis: Charts, Statistics and Expert Presentations
  5. Crime Expert Presentations